“I want to write and thank you for all the help in getting the AWOS installed at our hospital helipad. As you know we received certification only a month before Hurricane Ike hit the area.

We were able to use the information provided by the system to launch our helicopters out of here at the last possible moment prior to the hurricane and we were the ONLY weather reporting system operating during and after the storm. Because the system was still reporting after the storm, search and rescue aircraft had data to base their operations on and we were able to use the data to recover our aircraft at the first opportunity.

As a direct result of the recommendation to have our data sent out to NADIN we were apparently able to provide the NWS with storm data as it approached and passed our area. We were the only AWOS system that was up and recording data during the storm from beginning to end.

Our hospital system and many others were very grateful to get the weather information we provided during this demanding time.”

Stephen Scroggs

Chief Pilot

Life Flight

Memorial Hermann TMC

“Congrats on a robust AWOS communications system that held up better during hurricane Ike than some of the federally owned ASOS/AWOS systems!! Even though admittedly it is located at KMCJ/Hermann Hospital in Houston, where there was back up power sources, it is one of the few Houston weather observations that we have a complete and uninterrupted history of observations during the event. That’s what important!!”

Troy Kimmel, Jr.

Senior lecturer and Manager,

Weather and Climate Resource Center

Department of Geography and the Environment.

University of Texas at Austin