RSINet technology represents a quantum leap from any other AWOS data delivery system. Once the small interface shown here is connected to your AWOS, RSINet establishes a secure broadband, always-on IP based connection from your AWOS data port to our Network Control Center via a redundant terrestrial network. RSINet is immune to rain fade, a phenomenon which causes satellite systems to fail during heavy rain just when the data is needed the most. There are no extra computers, large satellite transmitters, or dishes, and the RSINet technology leaves dial-up systems in the dust.

The state of the art wireless technology of the RSINet network provides outstanding support and troubleshooting capabilities for RSI technicians, and best of all, RSINet provides all of this for much less cost than other systems. Installation is quick, easy, and guaranteed for the life of the service contract.

The RSINet Advantage

There are many reasons to choose RSINet over any other data provider.

The Company – Remote Systems Integration has a 15 year track record and a client base of over 175 airports across the U.S. The RSI staff is comprised of retired FAA techs, former military, and degreed electronics experts with over 40 years of combined navigation electronics and weather systems experience. Many are pilots themselves, with thousands of flight hours. We have completed projects for customers such as NASA, the United States Air Force, DOD, Homeland Security, Chevron, and a host of other companies and airports.

The Technology – The RSINet infrastructure is second to none, backed by technicians on call 24 hours a day and the most reliable network available. The RSINet system has stayed up in storms and hurricanes when every other system out there has failed.

The Service – RSINet technicians are available 24 hours a day. If you have a question or problem, we’re there to respond…any time.

The Price – RSINet is simply the most affordable system available. Call us and see for yourself.