Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly do you send the data from my AWOS?

The data goes to the Weather Message Switching Center Replacement, and from there to the National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway and the NWS Family of Services. That’s the key. Data appearing there is now available to all FAA ATC facilities, Flight Service Stations , and National Weather Service offices. Internet Service Provides such as WSI get it. So do Web sites like It is now uplinked to the XM data service for broadcast to Garmin and other in-cockpit weather systems. It’s on all the data services from which The Weather Channel, your local cable, radio and TV stations get their weather data.

Will RSINet work with my AWOS?

Yes. RSINet works with ALL currently deployed AWOS systems.

Can I install it myself, or will RSINet install it for me?

Yes, and Yes…but installation takes no technical knowledge and less than 15 minutes. However, installation services are available.

What if it breaks?

We replace the hardware overnight. No cost, no questions.

Is your service available everywhere?

With RSINet’s Internet or wireless solutions, we have never encountered a site where we were unable to provide service. We have specially engineered sites to reliably connect to the network far outside the predicted coverage area, or sites that have particular logistical or electronic challenges. We’ll make it work.