More RSINet FAQs

More questions and answers on the RSINet NADIN Data delivery system 


Q: Our airport has a part-time contract tower. What is the REAL ruling on NADIN connections?


A: Here is the definitive answer per the official FAA memo outlining the use of NADIN at part-time towered airports:  When the tower is open and certified weather observers are on-duty, (A) the automated report must be augmented or (B) the NADIN connection must be disabled.


Newer AWOS units do not have the capability to augment the METAR reports. NEXWOS units made by Systems Management circa 1995 (now All-Weather, Inc) can be made to augment reports. So, the real world answer is that for most airports, the NADIN system must be disabled when the tower is open. RSI has a solution for that issue and it is included with your RSINet system if needed.



Q: We are looking to do some remodeling work on the FBO in the future. How difficult is it to move the RSINet interface with the AWOS? We don’t want to pay to have a satellite dish or phone line relocated.


A: The RSINet system is self contained. Pick it up and move it with the rest of the AWOS Central Data Platform. Plug it back in and you’re set. If for some reason you have issues with the relocation, just call us. You AWOS technician should have no problems performing the move. The RSINet interface is about the size of a 5 x7 index card and only weighs a couple of pounds.

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