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Don’t be fooled…

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Recently we’ve had some calls telling us our competitors were using the “Our Brand X NADIN solution is tailored specifically for Brand X AWOS”.  Nope. By FAA rule, ALL FAA-certified AWOS units must output a specifically formatted AWOS message from a standard serial computer port. In simple terms, that means their system cannot and does not do more than RSINet when it comes to relaying your weather data to the world. RSINet works with any AWOS make and model past or present, and regardless of whichever of the several configurations of AWOS is at your airport. However, did you know we offer a small perk free of charge? Once your AWOS is connected to RSINet, in addition to sending your data to the FAA and NWS, we ship LIVE data to the good folks over at  They offer a one-stop web site for conditions at all US airports. If your AWOS is connected to NADIN, will show you the latest 20 minute observation from that AWOS. BUT…If you’re on RSINet, you’ll get the absolutely latest weather from that airport, usually less than 5 minutes old and frequently less than 60 seconds old! Check it out. Go to airportview,net and enter your airport code.

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