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RSINet approved for FAA NADIN connectivity

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

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Remote Systems Integration announces RSINet, a “State of the Art” network solution to connect non-federal Automated Weather Observation Systems to the FAA’s National Aerospace Data Interchange Network (NADIN), allowing the nation’s air traffic control system , the National Weather Service, and pilot briefing services across the nation access to your AWOS data.


RSINet is affordable, reliable, and offers what no other NADIN provider offers: REAL-TIME AWOS data delivered to the customer’s traffic managment centers, state monitoring centers, or any internet enabled customer site. RSINet also offers a graphical web page for each airport in addition to standard NADIN connectivity.


RSINet technology uses wireless IP networking for a reliable broadband connection to allow future services and upgrades. The RSINet technology is unaffected by weather outages plaguing satellite-based systems and leaves dial-up based data collection in the dust. 


The RSINet system is rolling out NOW, and will be available soon.


For more information on RSINet, contact Remote Systems Integration at 




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