In uncertain times in the weather services world, there’s RSINet: Reliable, affordable service from an experienced and stable AWOS and weather services company

By now, almost every airport manager knows the value of having the AWOS weather reports transmitted over the NADIN network to the FAA and National Weather Service. The trick now is picking the right vendor. Times are uncertain. One major AWOS and NADIN vendor is changing hands…Shouldn’t you go with a provider who has the experience and technology know-how in the AWOS and weather data systems field? Here’s a little history: In 2007, there was one and only one vendor for AWOS NADIN data services. The cost to connect an AWOS to the network was nearly $10,000 up front and $200 per month. Ouch. RSINet developed the first non-satellite based delivery system, utilizing the cellular network and affordable, reliable hardware, and in 2008 introduced RSINet to the AWOS world at a cost of less than $1200 per year. Other vendors rushed to copy our technology, but RSINet continued to develop new and less expensive methods and business practices, breaking the $1000 per year barrier for AWOS connectivity. Today, the RSINet system delivers over 17,000 weather reports per day with a network reliability approaching 100% uptime. We have over 25 years experience in the AWOS maintenance business, and we’ve applied that to the RSINet product. RSINet. Simple, affordable, and from a company you can trust to stick around.


    • RSINet sends your AWOS METAR reports to the FAA and National Weather Service 3 times per hour, delivering your AWOS data to the FAA for distribution to flight service stations, air traffic control facilities worldwide, commercial weather providers, and the National Weather Service for distribution to DUATS and commercial weather data providers… all using a single solution!


    • Pilots relying on flight briefing services for flight planning, and pilots in the air but out of range of the AWOS now have FAA certified access to your data via this gateway, making your airport accessible to Part 135 operators as well as “on the map” to thousands of itinerant aircraft.


  • Your airport’s weather data will appear in the XM satellite data stream making it available to in-cockpit weather systems and XM weather enabled GARMIN and other GPS units.


And RSINet does it for less than $1000 per year and NO HARDWARE COSTS. Yes, you read that right.


The bottom line is flight safety and revenue for your airport. Pilots able to check your airport’s weather from anywhere will be more likely to add your airport as a fuel or overnight stopover. Think about it. Most of you reading this are pilots. If you were choosing a stopover or diversion airport in mid-flight, wouldn’t you choose the one for which ATC had current weather? Or the one that appears in your Garmin display? If you’re an airport owner or manager, wouldn’t you want that to be YOUR airport?


More traffic. More sales. More revenue. That’s RSINet.