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A Message from All of Us!

Sunday, December 26th, 2021

December 26th, 2021: Hi! I hope you will take a moment and read this rather lengthy post.

As I sit here still enjoying the Christmas decorations in the office and 2021 winds down, I am once again reminded how blessed I and my family are. Much of it is due to you, our customer base. So, I wanted to share with you a very heartfelt thanks from us here at RSI / RSINet.

The little business I started over 25 years ago after becoming tired of the corporate technology world has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. We continue to grow, and have not had a down or even a “flat” year since it all began.

But it is of course you, the customer who is most responsible for our success.

Much of the feedback I get from you is that (a) we answer the phone and genuinely try to help you with the issue at hand (b) We’re accessible and friendly, and (c) try to save you money. That makes me smile, because our philosophy is based on the concept that customers are business partners (and many of them friends) instead of just numbers on a balance sheet.

Yes, we have an 800 number. Yes, the friendly robot lady will give a you a call menu. But at the end of that process is a live person who can solve your problem. That person is usually me. So when your AWOS data isn’t making it to the FAA or your AWOS, Navaid, or control tower radios are down, or if you just have a question, most likely the owner of RSI will be answering that service call. We think that is the way to do business and that will never change…most of you who are longstanding customers have my cell number, and it stays on 24/7. If I don’t answer, you’ll get a call back very shortly. We like to think that is the reason why our very first RSINet airport (whose AWOS transmitted the first METAR over RSINet on January 31st, 2008) is still on board and very, very few of our clients have gone elsewhere over the years.

I also want to thank you for your referrals. It is one of the best feelings in the world when a new potential client calls me and says “The manager over at Anytown airport said you guys were the best and easiest to work with…” Again, thank you for that.

As for 2022 and beyond, we have some exciting things happening. First and foremost, we have a new technician on board! We have spent 22 years training him! Seriously, I am happy and proud to announce our son Thomas is joining the company after earning his BS in Engineering Technology from the University of Memphis, my Alma Mater. He also holds the required FCC General Radiotelephone Permits and has completed factory training for one AWOS line and is currently working on number 2. While I have no plans to retire (because work you love doing isn’t work), you’ll be hearing more and more from him. While God has seen fit to keep me in good health and still climbing towers with the best of them, I’m no Spring Chicken…

Remote Systems Integration has never been solely an aviation industry business, although that’s where the bulk of our work is done. We have a limited customer base for maintenance of non-federal air traffic control towers as well as some non-aviation related engineering disciplines such as AM and FM broadcast transmission.

With Thomas on board, we can begin expanding that division, and have already added two NF control towers to our maintenance portfolio. Plus, we’re spinning up the capabilities to serve the high tech Agriculture industry and “smart farms”, using real time weather and crop condition data from sensors in the field to control automated irrigation and other farming functions. We are also expanding our competency in solar farm telemetry and monitoring systems maintenance. You might even catch us working on some electronic or lighted maritime navigation and warning equipment like buoys. It is indeed an exciting time here.

Three more recognitions are in order. None of this would exist without the help and support from my wife Gail. She has her own job but is quick to tackle the office parts of the business when the Inbox gets too high and / or when I’m in the field. Also a special thanks to Barry, Chuck, and Joe, my IT contractors who bail me out (usually with less than 5 keystrokes and a mouse click or two) when unusual problems arise in the RSINet datacenter.

A hat tip is also needed for the other independent aviation AWOS and navaid techs and small firms around the country. We may be “competitors”, but for the most part we share the pie and you may be surprised to learn we all stay in contact and help each other with those especially difficult engineering and tech problems. Those techs recommend RSINet to their client airports on a regular basis. So again, thank you all.

Thank you for reading this. Truly our business is where it is because of you folks, and we are very grateful. We hope you have a wonderful 2022 and as always, if you need anything, you know to hit the keyboard or make that text or phone call.

Tom, Gail, and Thomas Nichols RSI / RSINet

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