Coronavirus Update

April 3rd, 2020

The FAA has allowed all non-federal AWOS inspections to be deferred for at least 6 months. Annual inspections are deferred to a maximum of 90 days past the current deadline. No facility will be shut down for failure to meet the inspection windows at this time. RSI is continuing to perform AWOS and ILS maintenance as long as the distance to the facility from the technician’s base city does not require an overnight stay in a hotel. We have left the decisions solely up to the technicians involved without penalty. We are re-evaluating this policy on a weekly basis. RSINet NADIN network operations are unaffected. Other government operations are unaffected unless so directed by the agencies involved. Broadcast projects not due to an “off-air” situation are suspended. Other nonessential industry projects are suspended.

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Another week, another state joins RSINet!

September 9th, 2019

Later this month, we’ll be rolling out RSINet throughout the state of Virginia. RSINet now provides weather data from a large majority of sites in the eastern US, and over 500 sites nationwide. But your single airport can also be part of the RSINet data network. Call us or e-mail today!

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RSINet wins North Carolina NADIN contract

June 4th, 2019

June 3, 2019


North Carolina will join North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and South Carolina with RSINet’s AWOS weather data delivery system deployed statewide. RSINet has become the system of choice for its low cost, reliability, and unparalleled customer service and support.


The system will replace the legacy system currently in place and will begin rolling out in the coming weeks.


Whether it’s one airport or 50, RSINet can handle your AWOS data service, putting your AWOS weather on the Internet , cockpit weather systems, local TV stations, and all over the world.

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Don’t be fooled…

January 4th, 2017

Recently we’ve had some calls telling us our competitors were using the “Our Brand X NADIN solution is tailored specifically for Brand X AWOS”.  Nope. By FAA rule, ALL FAA-certified AWOS units must output a specifically formatted AWOS message from a standard serial computer port. In simple terms, that means their system cannot and does not do more than RSINet when it comes to relaying your weather data to the world. RSINet works with any AWOS make and model past or present, and regardless of whichever of the several configurations of AWOS is at your airport. However, did you know we offer a small perk free of charge? Once your AWOS is connected to RSINet, in addition to sending your data to the FAA and NWS, we ship LIVE data to the good folks over at  They offer a one-stop web site for conditions at all US airports. If your AWOS is connected to NADIN, will show you the latest 20 minute observation from that AWOS. BUT…If you’re on RSINet, you’ll get the absolutely latest weather from that airport, usually less than 5 minutes old and frequently less than 60 seconds old! Check it out. Go to airportview,net and enter your airport code.

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RSINet upgrades Iowa AWOS network

June 29th, 2016

RSINet has won a contract with the Iowa DOT to provide AWOS NADIN data services for the 43 DOT sponsored AWOS systems in the state.  Beginning on June 27th, RSINet began upgrading the sites with the latest 4G cellular modems, replacing the older technology devices in use by the previous vendor and providing the fastest, most reliable NADIN connection available. The rollout should be complete in early July.

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Do it Yourself AWOS maintenance?

June 15th, 2015

Despite RSI’s AWOS maintenance rates being some of the lowest in the industry, I often get asked why an airport cannot maintain their own AWOS and why does it cost so much to maintain the systems? Well, an airport can. But it doesn’t make sense. Here’s why:


First off, the FAA requires that any AWOS used for flight operations be maintained by an FAA certified technician. To become an AWOS technician, an individual must complete factory training on every specific make and model of each AWOS he or she is to maintain, pass the examination for an FCC General class Radiotelephone license, and pass a written and field examination by the FAA. Each technician who works on a particular AWOS must have a letter of verification authority from the FAA office in charge of that facility. In addition, technicians must possess and maintain a set of highly specialized and annually calibrated test equipment to measure parameters such as radio frequency, power, and AWOS sensor such as altimeter and temperature, among others. This test equipment must be kept in calibration and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. This assures that the AWOS is kept with in FAA and FCC tolerances for measurement accuracy and radio transmission standards. The FAA mandates that each AWOS be checked for accuracy according to a maintenance plan within a window of every 90-120 days.


To start up an AWOS maintenance program from the start costs about $20,000 plus a lot of training time or about 8 years or so of AWOS maintenance charges from RSI…hardly cost effective for an airport with one AWOS.


Having an experienced, certified AWOS maintenance firm can also help shield the airport from potential liability in the case of an aircraft accident. Having an outside, insured firm with technicians with years of experience who can respond to questions about the AWOS data and accuracy can go a long way in resolving incident issues without going to the courtroom.


So, after a cost analysis, you can see that using RSI to maintain your AWOS removes a lot of headache and is really much more cost effective than doing it yourself!


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Scams and more scams

September 11th, 2014

Once again, RSI and a number of other companies have had their names used in a scam. RSI does not send money orders. We do not send coupons or any other correspondence of that nature to anyone.  One common scheme is to send a bogus money order to the victim, who is instructed to keep a certain percentage of it and send the rest to a (usually foreign) address. The money order is bad, but by the time the banks catch it the money is on its way. Please do not fall for these scams.




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RSINet at the Tennessee Airports Conference

February 13th, 2014

This year’s Tennessee Airports Conference will be March 17-19 at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, TN. If you’re planning to attend the conference, don’t forget to look for us at the RSI / RSINet booth. We’ll have all the information on the most cost effective AWOS data connectivity solution available – RSINet!




For more info!


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Craigslist scam alert

January 17th, 2014

If you are here because of a job advertisement on Craigslist, please be aware that this is a scam.  Remote Systems Integration,  LLC did not advertise for this position, nor do we have any openings. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we urge you to report the matter to your  state fraud division, including any e-mail addresses associated with any correspondence you may have received. RSI has reported the issue to Craigslist and the FBI.

Please do NOT give out any personal information, and if any individual asks for personal information or pictures, consider reporting it to your local law enforcement. They may contact us for more information.

Update: It appears the end-game of this scammer is to send the victim a check to deposit, and then use the funds to buy a Wal-Mart or similar debit card for which the scammer requests the card number and receipt “for his records”.  The check is bogus, and the scammer now has access to the debit card. Please report any contact from this person to your local law enforcement, including any telephone numbers he gives you or from which you received texts or phone calls.


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What customers and weather pros are saying about RSINet!

September 26th, 2008

When my telephone started ringing on Monday morning after Hurricane Ike hit Houston, I have to admit I was not really surprised…at first. I knew Ike had passed directly over Houston, and we had a new AWOS installation there on a rooftop helipad at Memorial Hermann Hospital supporting Life Flight operations. Life Flight had recently become our latest RSINet NADIN delivery customer.  In the RSI office, there is a small program constantly monitoring all RSINet sites via the National Weather Service Telecommunication Gateway. If a site goes down, a text message is sent to me and another technician. We don’t get many texts from the system and I had not gotten one overnight, so I knew the KMCJ system was still up.  What I DIDN’T know until I started getting phone calls from the NWS and other Houston area colleagues was that the KMCJ AWOS with RSINet was the ONLY site in the area to have weathered the storm uninterrupted. I did some checking and verified that was indeed the case. With backup power to the AWOS and the robust RSINet network, data continued flowing when satellite and telephone communications were either out or jammed.  Here’s some sample comments:

“I want to write and thank you for all the help in getting the AWOS installed at our hospital helipad. As you know we received certification only a month before Hurricane Ike hit the area.
We were able to use the information provided by the system to launch our helicopters out of here at the last possible moment prior to the hurricane and we were the ONLY weather reporting system operating during and after the storm. Because the system was still reporting after the storm, search and rescue aircraft had data to base their operations on and we were able to use the data to recover our aircraft at the first opportunity.
As a direct result of the recommendation to have our data sent out to NADIN we were apparently able to provide the NWS with storm data as it approached and passed our area. We were the only AWOS system that was up and recording data during the storm from beginning to end.
Our hospital system and many others were very grateful to get the weather information we provided during this demanding time.”
Stephen Scroggs
Chief Pilot
Life Flight
Memorial Hermann TMC

“Congrats on a robust AWOS communications system that held up better during hurricane Ike than some of the federally owned ASOS/AWOS systems!! Even though admittedly it is located at KMCJ/Hermann Hospital in Houston, where there was back up power sources, it is one of the few Houston weather observations that we have a complete and uninterrupted history of observations during the event. That’s what important!!”

Troy Kimmel, Jr.
Senior lecturer and Manager,
Weather and Climate Resource Center
Department of Geography and the Environment.
University of Texas at Austin

We are proud of RSINet and happy we could make a difference!

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